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Troy was born on March 2, 2000, in Moscow, Russia. He made his first drawings and photos at the age of three and five. As a teenager, encouraged by his architect father, he started experimenting with digital imaging. He studied drawing with the artist Vladimir Kireev and photography at the Rodchenko Photography School in Moscow; practiced painting in the Moscow studio of Vladimir Nasedkin, and mixed media art in the Parisian atelier of Takesada Matsutani. He studied art and photography at the Kingsworth International School in Paris and at PNCA (Portland, OR). 

Troy is a finalist and winner of international competitions: MONOVISIONS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (London, UK), APA (Annual Photography Awards), The Best Artist in the Field of Contemporary Art, Abstractionism and Sciarsism (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Troy has a track record of group and solo exhibitions; he has also volunteered for a number of art exhibitions and events.

Troy’s works can be seen in numerous art collections such as: the MORA museum (New York, NY); the International Children’s Art Museum and the Russian Geographic Society (Moscow, Russia), the Benetton Foundation (Italy), as well as in the galleries and private collections in Paris (France), Moscow (Russia), Venice (Italy), and New York (NY)


2022 – HORIZON, multimedia art exhibition. DA Studio (Moscow, RU).

2020 – SOLAR GEOMETRY, multimedia art exhibition, at Gallery Margo (New York, NY) and MoRA Museum of Russian Art (Jersey City, NJ). Click here for a virtual experience of SOLAR GEOMETRY at Gallery Margo, or here for a video glimpse of the MoRA exhibition.

2017 – CITY HW DuoC, Art Studio Gallery (Paris, FR)

2015 – CiCOL, Hotel Al Sole (Venice, IT)
The exhibition took place during the Venice Art Biennale

2015 – 153, Krokin Gallery (Moscow, RU)


2022 – ART WALL. Exhibition at the contemporary art symposium (The Solovetsky Islands, RU)

2022 – ON THE EDGE OF GRAPHIC ART. The Mashkov Fine Arts Museum (Volgograd, RU), The Tenishev cultural and exhibition center (Smolensk, RU).

2021 – Exhibition of the finalists of the international competition The Best Artist in the Field of Contemporary Art, Abstractionism and Sciarsism. Kyiv History Museum (Kyiv, UA), National Museum Kyiv Art Gallery (Kyiv, UA), Regional Art Museum (Vinnytsia, UA) 

2021 – THE BEGINNING. DA Studio (Moscow, RU) 

2020 – ART EAGLE. Exhibition at the contemporary art symposium 

2015 – Photo exhibition at the Long Lake Camp for the Arts (Long Lake, NY) 

2015 – SNAP, an exhibition of the graduates of the Rodchenko Photo School (Moscow). A photo made by Troy has been chosen for the exhibition’s poster. The exhibition was presented in two locations : the Rodchenko School exhibition space, and the ZIL ART cultural cluster. 2014 Photo exhibition at the Long Lake Camp for the Arts (Long Lake, NY)


2019 – Participated as a photographer in an expedition to the Kuril Islands.

2018 – Participated in the production of the documentary film featuring the artist Tobias Gremmler. The film ‘Tobias Gremmler. Digital Demons’ (Synchronicity Films) premiered in September 2018 at the Guggenheim Museum, New York City.  

2017 – Invited to participate in an expedition to the Commander Islands as a photographer. Photos were published in the book ‘A Journey to the Commander Islands’.


2015 – Worked for Alexander Ponomaryov’s exhibition at the Moscow Architecture Museum (Moscow).

2015 – Worked for the Antarctic Pavilion during the Venice International Art Biennale (Venice).

2014 – Participated in setting up the ‘Paper Sculptures’ exhibition by artists Tatiana Badanina and Vladimir Nasedkin at the State Russian Museum (St Petersburg).

2014 – Helped the artist Gene Kiegel in producing an installation (New York).

2014 – Worked for the Antarctic Pavilion during the Venice International Architecture Biennale (Venice).

2013 – Helped to build an art installation for Alexander Ponomaryov’s exhibition
at the Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow). Called ‘Icebeg’, the installation acted as
the exhibition’s opening piece and consisted of half a million LEGO items. For this installation, Troy was challenged to design and build a ship out of LEGO pieces,
which he successfully did. 


2013 – Participated in the workshop organized by the artist Takesada Matsutani in connection with the Gutai movement exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum (New York City).


Photography published in books:

A Journey to the Commander Islands, 2018

Garden City / Villes Jardins / De Groene Stad (combined print run 15,000+ copies):

  • Thames & Hudson, UK and US editions 2017; 
  • Ulmer, French edition 2018;
  • Terra, Dutch edition 2018; 
  • Flag, Taiwanese edition 2019. 

Tanya Badanina. White Clothes (exhibition catalogue, 2017) 

Tanya Badanina. Projects 1999-2014 (Tatlin, 2015)


SOLAR GEOMETRY featured in New York Artscape
CiCOL featured in Büro24/7